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Boston Fashion Week's Smiling Stiletto: Who Will Be Best In Shoe? by Katrina Martin

Posted on October 6, 2012 at 10:05 PM

October 4, 2012 - My fashion week 2012 came to a close with the Smiling Stiletto event in the Copley mall. Gathered in the heart of the high-end shopping center were ladies from all over the city ready to support a great cause and ready to strut their stuff on behalf of their favorite designers. I arrived as early as I could to be one of the first in line for the event and proven wrong. Women were already in line with shoes either on or in hand waiting to see what Project Smile founder Catherine Pisacane had created for this year. There was nothing but excitement from every section of the line. I walked around the strategically sectioned off area and got a sneak peek of the event. Like an anxious child on Christmas Eve, I took my place in line and waited to see what else was in store for me once we were able to enter through the velvet red rope. It was great to see people waiting to come in and parade around their shoes for everyone to see. I finally made my way inside and immediately started to take pictures of shoes and the atmosphere. I started creating my mental wish list for the coming holiday season based off of everything I had seen. Who wouldn’t want to show up in their heels to benefit an amazing cause?

Project Smile is an organization founded by Catherine Pisacane in 2003. This amazing association benefits children who have been a victim of a traumatic experience by donating various items such as books, stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons. There’s no child out there that wouldn’t love any of these things and Project Smile helps brings that to them.

I had the chance to meet Catherine, as she looked fabulous in her royal purple dress and cute black heels to match. Everyone was enjoying himself or herself, the ambiance and the treats provided by the various vendors. I stopped and grabbed a vegetable spring roll from Good Life Kitchen to start then Pop Chips table to snack. I spent the most time at the Sugar Mommas’ table with their amazing cupcakes.

Hosting the event was none other than Channel 5’s fashionista Emily Reimer. Looking chic, she began to introduce the models that were showcasing looks from some of the different stores within the mall including Barney’s and Intimacy. It was cool to see the models in the show were local women who volunteered for the evening. The highlight of the night was the shoe competition. Let the Best in Shoe competition begin! This was the time for all of the shoe lovers to strut their stuff across the stage. Several women were selected to take place in this portion of the evening. They were all excited to show off their fancy footwear. One by one they went up showed off their fancy shoes to the crowd. I looked in amazement and hysterical laughed to see that even the men were able to participate. I watched one gentleman strut his stuff back and forth and pose for pictures. He was definitely a must see. It was obvious why he was picked to go last. The competition came to a fabulous end. Everyone went back up on stage for a final look and a group photo of all the participants and their shoes. After careful deliberation, a winner is chosen. The winner made it across the stage in a pair of sparkled Nina heels to claim her much-deserved prize. Not only was she Best in Shoe but also she was the winner of the grand prize, which was a gift certificate to have her closet done over by friend to our show Tricia Cromwell of Trust in Tricia. Such an amazing time to not only have fun with fellow shoe lovers but a time to come together to benefit the children of Project Smile. It was a great way to end my Boston Fashion Week 2012.

Until next season.

Katrina Martin

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