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New Hampshire- On the Road to Fashion by Lindsey Alston

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 8:20 PM

Manchester, New Hampshire - Designers who have walked in New York and Paris fashion week showcased collections from their lines making the final night of the New Hampshire Fashion Weekend ending with a bang.


One of the designers not only showcased his collection, but also his dance moves ending in a split on the runway. Earl Battle is the designer for the line Battle Designs. His collection was featured on the runway not only during opening night, but also the second night of fashion weekend. Three collections were put together, and showcased this past weekend. His inspiration came from fruit and chocolate, an Italian painting from the 18th century and the theme tough but classy. One of the items that caught my eye was a long, leather cape. This the tough, but classy collection, and was tastefully showcased.


Rimma Zaika the designer of Wearable Arts collection creates one of a kind hand made contemporary knitwear. Her inspiration comes from the techniques used back in Russia. "The colors in the collection are very colorful, and come from what people wore when I was young. I'm sick of seeing black everywhere," says Zaika. When first starting, Zaika worked with crochet elements, and now shes transforming into lace. Her designs are full of history, festive, vibrant and are overall uniquely alive.


My favorite designer of the night was the collection from Likoba. Models walked the runway with clean, crisp and chic jumpsuits.The designers inspiration comes from growing up in France, and always watching her mother dressing with sophistication. Likoba specializes in jumpsuits. "Jumpsuits are simple. When you wake up you'll find pants and not know what shirt to pair with it. With a jumpsuit it's easy. You don't have to waste time," says Likoba. Jumpsuits make women look very sophisticated, tall and confident. No matter what you are dressing for you can put a jumpsuit on, and fit every category. "I want to perfect it, and be known as the go to for jumpsuit designers," says Likoba.


Another designer to hit the runway was Marie Luce. Luce's passion has always been to make little girls feel like princesses. All of the dresses are designed with quality fabrics, laces, embroideries, beading and trim with an artistic style and attention to detail. Marie Luce focuses on designing for ladies 2-14. During the New Hampshire fashion weekend her collection was featured on the runway with sophisticated dresses for any major event.


With New Hampshire fashion weekend come and now gone I would say it was a success. Although mentioning a few, all of the designers joined together to celebrate fashion. This was a first for the New Hampshire Fashion Weekend, but New Hampshire is on the road to fashion.

New Hampshire Takes on Fashion by Lindsey Alston

Posted on April 3, 2016 at 9:40 AM

Manchester, New Hampshire - What do you get when you mix a variety of performances, designers and a fashion runway? The New Hampshire Fashion Weekend.


The night was full of surprises. There were over a handful of designers, and not one had similar collections. Whether you were looking for a dress to wear on a summer day or a statement necklace, opening night at New Hampshire Fashion Weekend had it all.


The first designer to take the stage was Inga Pizikov and her collection Jewelinga Designs. Her concept comes from inspiration from the earth and stones. Pizikov says, "I love everything that calls me to be surrounded and united by nature." Whether the jewelry was long, short or a statement piece all of her work was a hit.


One of my favorite designers to hit the runway was Zadon Designs. The collection had a mixture of bright, contemporary pieces, that was made to fit models of variety sizes. One of the make-up artists Racine Bell loved the cape cover ups. "Her clothing makes me feel as if I am in London." Her side remarks on the collection made falling in love with the pieces a no brainier, "Oh yes, that is a skirt and pattern I would wear, and would love to purchase," says Bell.


Makuwa Swimwear Designs didn't Only make everyone ready for summer, but the flattering ruffles and attention to detail didn't go unnoticed. Models walked the runway with big floppy hats, and floral hairpieces. Even the designer did her final walk with a pop of red floral hair piece. The line was a mixture of simple cut designs with different shapes of fringe.


Overall, the show highlighted a wide range of designers. You had 'Rimma's Designs- over 40 models' wear' which emphasized on creating pieces for older women, along with a biker/rock and roll collection and Battle Designs. The collections brought to the runway were so unique in their own it was hard to pick one, two or even three favorites.


Although the event was in New Hampshire I love how designers from all over New England came to support fellow designers. One designer amongst the crowd was Boston Fashion Award winner, Joe Malaika who enjoyed the show just as much.


I'm looking forward to attending the second night of New Hampshire Fashion weekend, and seeing what the designers bring to the runway.


A Night of Fierce and Bold Designs at StyleWeek Night Four By Alexis Smith

Posted on February 27, 2016 at 12:55 PM

Providence, RI - On the fourth night of Styleweek, there was a mix of designs from edgy and punk to sexy and bold. The event was a full house with many great designs that had everyone in awe.

The night started with La Fille Colette, their line had an array of dresses in different colors and lengths. What stuck out the most was the patterned dresses in the collection, they were different from the other dresses with the multi-color print of aqua and a plum shade. This prints went well mixed in with her collection of black and white dresses. Not only did the models do a great job but the dramatized color eyelashes accessorized well with the designs and her line.

Angelica Timas’ line last night was edgy and fierce as her models were working it down the runway with bold eye shadow. In her collection, she had an array of dresses and two piece designs. Most of the collection was made up of darker tones with a few pops of color mixed in. The pieces that caught some people’s attention was the textured leather. Julie Tremaine, an attendee from the show said she “loved the textured leather look, I thought it was beautiful.” Angelica Timas did a wonderful job with the tailoring of her designs especially the matching skinny pant suite.

The second half of the show started with Alexandra Nam, she is known for her work in the New York area. Her debut last night was amazing, her pieces were detailed but simple at the same time, and the lines and structure of her pieces were beautiful. The draping on the long dress were exquisite. The detail and time that must have went in to have the dress fall so nicely must have taken a lot of time. The piece that caught a lot of people’s attention was the navy blue design with the tall geometric pieces popping out. It was different than most of her pieces but it went with it because of the silhouette it created. Her whole collection tied altogether with the clean and cut look that was expressed throughout.

For the finale was PINI by Nick Pini, his collection was fun and glittery. The models pulled off a mod look with their makeup with a fun and loving 70’s vibe hair styles. The designs were breath taking.  The fur accessory on the shoes added to the fun and sexy vibe the collection had. The leather and sequin pieces in the collection made the collection pop while he mixed in more simple pieces that focused more on the cut of the dress. Nick Pini’s collection was a fun way to end the night with his fun vibe looks and get up and dance music. Jem Lawren from Culture of the Venus blog said the “last designer’s line was awesome. It was sexy and edgy.” Overall the designers last night had different styles and designs to present. They all did a beautiful job and deserve a job well done on their lovely collections.

Dressed to Impress: Night Three of StyleWeek by Lindsey Alston

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 3:50 PM

Providence, RI - The models weren't the only best dressed. Many of the Styleweek attendees dressed nothing short from fabulous. Whether it was their own wardrobe selection or the designers pieces. All showed up ready to take the runway. 


If you've been in the midst of trying to figure out your fall attire look no further than the third night of Styleweek. The four designers did an impeccable job with their fall collection.


First to take the runway was Debrichhio by Antwan Byrd. Debrochhio designs for women who have a passion for life. The collection was well put together with a variety of dress selections. The color selections between white and black created a fresh dynamic. The dresses had low scoops in the front, and different shapes cutout from the fabric to create a modern design. The models wore their hair in a funky style of half up to half down bun. Every season creative director Antwan Byrd tries to grab inspiration from somewhere new. Keeping with the esthetic of the line, also trying to bring something fresh. With this collection at Styleweek he wanted to do something woman warrior theme which is where the models makeup came from. "I focused on Aztec , Armenian, Greek goddess and many others. The concept just flowed from there," said Byrd.


Carissa Lynne Designs was breathtaking. Her opening piece of a long, cream color dress that flowed from side to side down the runway, but when posing for the camera had high slits. The attention to detail didn't go unnoticed. The collection was made up of red and gold sheer, floral prints, and her attraction of molding fabrics into shapes describes the beautifully engraved feathers neatly placed on certain pieces. She did an amazing job with keeping the feather theme by flowing it to hair pieces for the models. Carissa's inspirations for her fall collection is quite simple, "I love autumn so picking colors from the trees is where my collection came from," said Lynne. Her work has an appreciation for the youthful and modern sophisticated woman who is confident, fun and ambitious.


The moment I saw Janet Howard's collection, the image of Jackie-o appeared in my mind. Fur, fur and more fur was the theme of this collection. Whether the models had different styles the key factor that remained was fur. It was a nice touch to the collection. Pearls one way or another also made its appearance on the runway. Janet Howard's collection was nothing less than elegant. The attention to detail was out of the water. From the models hair style of a high cone shape to stockings paired with black open toed stilettos. This was my favorite designer of the night. She nailed everything! By far a designer to check out.


Dylanium Knits is a genius. He takes his passion for handcrafts and infuses it with his sense of style to create knit designs. I couldn't help but notice the audience love for this collection. Whether they were pointing at which pieces they wanted or the facial expressions of complete love for the collection. The attention to detail of the models hair was beautifully twisted in braids. The models graced the stage with sheer woven pieces along with bulky sweaters. The bright colors and designs added a nice touch.


Another fabulous night at Styleweek. The concept of diversity still played a key part for each collection. I was also intrigued by listening to what inspired each designer to create their collection.

In the Light of Fashion: Styleweek Night Two by Lindsey Alston

Posted on February 25, 2016 at 3:05 PM

Providence, RI - What makes a designer a designer is not only being able to create a look for a model to walk a runway, but creating a story with their collection. To make a buyer along with the audience feel as if they aren't just watching the model, but that they are brought into the experience of what the designer is trying to portray the collection as.

Last night’s fashion show provided me the privilege of watching three phenomenal designers. I realized they didn't only put their collection on the model and have her walk the runway, but the music selection was superb. It was made to make you feel deep within what the collection symbolized.

Clothes Horse Clothing was the first designer to take the runway. As the dark lights grew brighter, the loud 70s music queued, and the models taking the stage made me feel as if I wasn't in 2016. The attention to detail was not only in the clothing, but hint of sparkle on the models faces. The mixture of new textiles with upcycled curtains, repurposing vintage fabrics along with every scrap is what makes the collection of Clothes Horse.

TANGOELLA by Ella Tang and her collection was very feminine with a twist of modern and chic. The signature style is sensual meets edgy. The audience couldn't help but to already have a list of samples they wanted to purchase. I had an opportunity to speak with the designer, and loved how her inspiration came from one single dress twenty years ago, "My kids told me the dress still looks great so I knew that I had to keep sticking with it, and create more from it," said Tang. A lot of what the models demonstrated was a collaboration of long and short fitting dresses. The philosophy of TANGOELLA is, 'clothing should make one feel effortlessly beautiful and empowered.' The mixture between color and design helped showcase the casual and formal activity that defines cosmopolitan life.

DEVINTO's collection is focused on comfort, glamour and fair principles during the creation and production process. Her attention to detail was out of the water. Whether it was a lace bow tie at the bottom of a pant cuff or a plain shirt when then turned around visually becoming a gigantic bow. Aiste Zitnikaite is the labels designer and creator born in Lithuania. When speaking with her she was able to demonstrate how woman made their own clothes and took care of them to make them last. "In Lithuania you couldn't go shopping for clothes. Your mother made your clothes, your grandmother made your clothes," said Zitnikaite. It was her inspiration from vintage, 50s, Paris and simple elegance that showcased her collection. The designer’s goal for DEVINTO is 'creating a more modern yet classic and timeless look that can be both cutting edge and casual.'

The concept of not having the designer showcase the same theme of collections played well during the second night of StyleWeek. Between both nights I am still able to think about each designer, and what they brought to the runway. I love the fact that each collection is so diverse. How the designers not only showcase their collection, but their personality, and inspiration for having their line.

Lights...Camera...Runway! for Season 12 StyleWeek by Lindsey Alston

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Providence, RI - It’s the most fabulous time of year. Where fashionistas, runway models and designers join together in Providence, Rhode Island for StyleWeek. Do you know what's even more exciting? that's right, opening night of StyleWeek; where designers come together to showcase their collections on the runway. I had the opportunity to take a look at four designers and their newest trends for fall.


The show opened with Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis. Her models hair statement alone was not to be missed. The messy high bun paired with gigantic gold hoop earrings made each outfit stand out on its own. Her collection was feminine with a fifth element trend. Her line plays off of the name "evolve" in French translating to evolution. Her collection is summarized into sophistication and chic which helps create a polished look for all women.


Jeffrey Dickerson's direction of his mind becomes less pretty and more exotic. On opening night his collection was nothing less than that. Sequence was an all time favorite in designing his pieces with purple and black being the theme in creating a modern, chic and edgy look for women. Dickerson's style was by far one that I could relate to so when I had the opportunity to ask him where he got his inspiration it didn't surprise me when he said, "Fashion is a lifestyle for me with a side of edgy." Dickerson considers himself "An adventurous designer that empowers the individual through fashion," and last nights collection demonstrated that, and more.


The second half of the night shifted into a different approach. Elan Rose and their collection spoke nothing short of femininity. Her tall, slender models carried her line in complete purity. Their pieces demonstrated style yet maintained their modest roots. Every piece sustained quality and form of comfort to me. There was a calming feel while admiring each sample. I love that Elan Rose stands to liberate and empower women through influential and modest fashion.


As the lights dimmed, and an old American song blared, the models walked the runway with hand painted botanical prints and delicately crocheted metal collars. Susan Troy's collection begins with the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. A lot of her pieces in last nights show demonstrated natural and architectural textures, and shapes.


What I enjoyed most was the diversity that each designer brought to the runway. Miss Rhode Island Teen USA, Malia Cruz was amongst the crowd saying, " There was not one collection that resembled another. Each designer was one of their own, and I loved that."


With my first style week in the books, opening night was nothing but spectacular. I am looking forward to the rest of the week, and seeing what the designers bring to the runway.

All runway photos are courtesy of StyleWeek Facebook Page.

HYPE Fashions Warms Up the Frost Ice Loft by Amy Palmacci

Posted on October 3, 2015 at 12:50 AM

Boston, MA- Shimmering with blue lights and cascaded in a sea of ice, the Frost Ice Loft was the setting for this year’s Boston Fashion Week HYPE Fashion Show hosted by former Miss Maine USA, Samantha Dahlborg. Guests were able to experience the famous ice bar before entering the newly renovated event space for the show. Moreover, in helping to benefit Autism Speaks, guests were treated to an energizing performance by Issa Pointer, daughter of Ruth Pointer from the Pointer Sisters. HYPE Fashions brought together fashion-lovers, performers, designers, brands, and vendors all under one roof.

Boston based and USA made, ASK Fashion presented a collection that was both fun and edgy. Highlighting the beautiful curves of her plus-size models, designer Amanda Koker knows exactly how to accentuate a women’s body. Also, gracing the runway was posh fashions from Runway Couture. Owner, Christian Crawford, put the word “fashion” in fashionista with a display of trendsetting fashions in lavish fabrics. At the end of the show, I was able to catch up with model Nai Williams, who modeled for Runway Couture collection to find out what she loved most about the collection. Her favorite aspect of the collection was how “luxurious the fabric look and how wondering it felt wearing it.” Furthermore, she felt the collection was just wonderful and highlighted today’s trends perfectly.

Closing out the night was Winthrop based boutique, La Petite Boutique with their collective array of girly fashions. Focusing on winter glam, the fashions of La Petite Boutique showcased how to warm-up in the cold with sequin mini dresses, geometric and psychedelic prints, and ruffled details that looked as if they walked off the runway in Aspen. In the audience Deborah Grear-Brown, a talent agent for James Brown Family Performing Arts, really enjoyed the fashions of La Petite Boutique saying, “I love boutique shopping because you can always find something different.” And different is exactly what La Petite Boutique gave us. In the end, HYPE Fashions delivered a show full of trendy and chic styles from casual to formal that was so hot it could have melted the Frost Ice Loft.

StyleWeek Closes in Astounding Fashion By Amy Palmacci

Posted on September 19, 2015 at 11:40 AM

Providence, RI- StyleWeek closed out the week with as much excitement and energy as it started with. Fashionistas from all over Providence and New England came out to bid farewell to another great season of fashion.

Once again, guests had the opportunity to shop an array of vendors as they got a glimpse of the hottest new trends and accessories at the Accessory Showcase. Also, guests were treated to chain-link bracelets courtesy of D’Andrea by Nicole D'Andrea, as each bracelet was made with materials from their handbag collection.

One of the wonderful vendors was Olivia Ashjian James, owner and designer of Kezi. Taking inspiration from the soul, Kezi designs take woven wire and create a path to life’s inspirations. As a result, Olivia is inspired by nature and the world she sees around her. As a self-taught designer, Olivia original background is in sculpting and painting, but soon discovered she could better pass on the beauty and harmony she saw through jewelry-making. In addition, Olivia's grandfather was once in charge of constructing the historic street lamps in the Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. Therefore, as Olivia proclaims, “it was just naturally ingrained in me to work with metals”.

The night began with Stetkiewicz by Amy Stetkiewicz Spring ’16 collection. Models were seen in designs featuring an aesthetic mix of minimalism and edginess that made you wish summer was just beginning. Inspired by “all things modern”, Stetkiewicz’s collection vitalized a downtown-chic vibe with its perfectly constructed raw-edging and clean lines in laid-back, luxurious fabrics.

Next up was Providence-based designer, Jess Abernethy, who's collection was the epitome of the past meeting the present, as models were set down the runaway in a colorful array of “fifties housewife meets modern day hipster” garments. Showcasing the sophistication of her collection, full and pencil skirts, cropped pants, and high-waisted shorts graced the runway. Moreover, Jess emphasized the playful side of the collection by accessorizing each garment with pastel tennis rackets and croquet sticks that showcased the sophistication of her collection.

Closing out the show was none-other –than Project Runway Season 7 star, Jonathan Joseph Peters. This collection was all about the details with accessories and jewelry by House of Cach. Set to the theme of Villainous Vixens, models took on a ravenous and vivacious persona while unveiling a collection that was the perfect combination of avant-garde with ready to wear.

As StyleWeek has come to a close, founder and CEO Rosanna Ortiz, once again did not disappoint. In an interview, Rosanna explained the mission of StyleWeek Northeast is “to connect the community with emerging, local designers; while creating a driver for the economy” and it seems that concept will continue to ring true for many more seasons to come.

Day Four of StyleWeek Was A Night of Inspiration by Alexis Smith

Posted on September 18, 2015 at 11:15 AM

Providence, RI - Thursday night was filled with a lot of inspiration and imagination. The designers had really cool inspirations that helped to bring their collections to life.

Chikkē by Angelica Timas had beautiful pieces for her collection. Her dresses were beautiful especially the red dress that was fitted from the waist down and draped at the top with the huge statement necklace as part of the halter top. The whole idea was creative and it made the outfit pop more. It was a great pairing. The eye shadow designs on the models was very unique and different. The models not only had eye shadow on but it was designed like geometric shapes in red, blue and a few pastels with black out lining each shape. It was a bold statement that made the model’s eyes pop out.

Yellow Clover by Sarah Prost's inspiration was inspired by the Ama Women of Japan. The collection was beautiful with floral prints and the cut of the garments. The parasols went along with the outfits so well because of the beautiful prints and colors. Alison Rugg, a fashion student, said, “I loved Yellow Clover’s Asian inspiration. She always has unique ideas and inspirations.” Yellow Clover’s designs were amazing especially the sequined cream pants. The sequins looked like scales and reflected differently in the light, it is reminiscent of a mermaid. The whole collection was very inspirational.

Carissa Lynne Designs had a Greek style with a funky playful take. A lot of people had different takes on her collection such as fashion student Chantal Vieira said, “The hair was teased beautifully with Grecian style clothing,” with a twist. The fish tail in the front gave it a different look because we are so used to seeing a fishtail in the back and not pinned in the front of the head. What stood out the most was that her models were not wearing any heels. Everyone wore gold flats. When asked why she chose gold flats Carissa said, “I wanted like a Boho Greek style.” “The heels would have taken away from that look.” The colors Carissa used in her designs were bold especially when she paired the gold with the turquoise and fuchsia colors. Hair Visionary Artist William Bento, said he “loved the whole thing, I was impressed with the hair, it went so well with the outfits. The Mediterranean look with the light and airy hairstyles.” Overall a lot of people loved Carissa Lynne Designs’ collection. Caroline Silva, the Executive Assistant to the CEO for StyleWeek, “loved Carissa’s fabric. It was very feminine.”

A lot of first time attendees to the new venue such as fashion student Alison Rugg said “Providence G did a fantastic job embracing StyleWeek.” It is surprising how a lot of people go to StyleWeek to look at the amazing collections but others go for inspiration and to see what is locally trending. For William Bento, a Hair Visionary Artists, coming to StyleWeek is to see how the designer pieces the “textures, style, and color together... It all inspires me to be more creative. Each piece reflects something different for me and I show it through my different hairstyles.” StyleWeek has a lot of influence on people and it is amazing how far StyleWeek has come.

A Night of Modern Glamour at StyleWeek by Alexis Smith

Posted on September 17, 2015 at 10:55 AM

Providence, RI - The third night of StyleWeek was filled with flashbacks, glitz and a lot of glam. The first designer, Instilla by Valentina Oppezzo had everyone “loose, footloose” kicking of their Sunday shoes and jamming in their seats. Instilla had a bold and bright collection for her eco-friendly line. Her models rocked out to the Eighties style. They had a modern take on the big hairstyles, leg warmers and the neon bright colors. The Instilla hand bags went so well with the different designs. Oppezzo had clutches, purses and backpacks with cool prints and designs that brought out the outfits. The props she used in her show were ingenious. They added to the 80’s vibe with her use of the Walkman and the boom box.

In the audience Valerie Langlais, a fellow writer said “I loved the collection because it was reminiscent of the 80’s with a modern take.” She describes the collections so well because the last outfit of the collection had a long, flowy hi-lo skirt with bright neon prints. The bold fuchsia legwarmers brought out the colors in her outfits. Another attendee Will Lopera said the collection was “fun and flirty, it had a lot of personality.” “Everything just went together from the hair to the music.” Overall Instilla  got a lot of guest excited for the other designers.

The second collection by Jeffrey Dickerson had beautiful cut outs and lots of glitz in his evening wear collection. When Jeffrey was asked what inspired his collection he said “the Greek monsters, with the big shoulders on the dresses and the long sleeves,” for the long arms “but with elegance.” The cut out backs on some of his dresses were beautiful and elegant, they accentuated the curvature of the back. The dresses with the low drop on the neck back were beautiful because he had the necklace on backwards as well so it made the back of the dress pop out as well as the front. This collection was elegant and beautiful.

Battle Designs by Earl Battle had an edgy glamour look for his collection. This collection was the first designer to incorporate menswear in the show, for Styleweek this week so far, which was a nice way to change things up. The grey sequined jumpsuit was stunning. It was sparkly and the pant legs were more flared instead of a straight leg. It was an amazing look and the model did a great job evoking that edgy look in her sun glasses. The menswear clothing was well tailored in a sleek and sexy way. Battle Designs had a glamorous collection with a lot of style and edge.

Day three of Styleweek was filled with lots of fun and exciting collections filled with eye popping colors, elegance and glamour. We can’t wait to see what Thursday night has in store for us.