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The Haute House Design Studio Networking Event a great success by Yosemite Riley

Posted on October 4, 2014 at 12:55 AM

Boston, MA - What a way to kick off Boston Fashion Week! The Haute House Design Studio stuns guests with their pre-fashion week trunk show and fashion industry networking party. Guests quickly filled the intimate space of Harborside Lounge in the financial district of Metropolitan Boston.

Fashion was the talk of the town as guests mingled with smooth drinks and business cards. The runway music was upbeat and thumping through the souls of the fashionistas that flooded Harborside. Vendors such as My Little Black Box and Maddison Avenue Accessories enticed guests to indulge as well as purchase their modern and very trendy accessories.

CEO and founder of Haute House Design Studio, Taneshia Camillo-Sheffey, says, “I want everyone to connect and see what everyone else is about so I’m glad it’s happening.” 

Half way through the event guests viewed the fashion designs by Haute House designers Frock La and RHDIV. Frock La blessed the stage with different shades of green presented in a maxi formal dress and a short one-sleeve cocktail piece. Models were made up with dark lips and sleek straight hair to match the edgy ambiance of the room and fashion. 

RHDIV wowed the crowd with his black and bold pieces aligned with real leather, lace and dominatrix straps. Models were draped in short to midi dresses with deep red lipstick to accentuate their vampy look. Designer Rufus Herbert Dixon IV matched his models in an all black get-up with a long black slim tie and sleek hair to perpetuate the vision of his fashion forward collection.

Rufus told us that this collection was inspired by the original art piece “La Torment of St. Anthony.” He described his pieces as edgy, hard, yet still sexy. This 2014 graduate of Lasell College loves to design black ensembles. Not that black is his favorite color but it is something about a woman in a LBD. As far as his material, Rufus uses real leather from cows, goats, lamb, and other animals as well as human hair to add different textures to his outspoken designs.

Rufus expresses, “Its like a second skin when woman put on my clothes — they feel very strong yet feminine.”

After the amazing fashion installations, Taneshia end the elaborate evening with surprise raffles. Guests raffle wins includes free accessories from Maddison Avenue Accessories and a free massage.

This is the first time Haute House Design Studio has participated in Boston Fashion Week and prepares Boston’s fashion industry to an exciting and fashion festive week. After a long journey building Haute House Design Studio and participating in Pre-Boston Fashion Week I asked Taneshia why does she do it and she simply states, “Emerging designers need showcasing.”

Style It Up says, Well put! We’ll see you at Boston Fashion Week 2014. 

StyleWeek kicks off a new show addition; StyleWeek Swim by Brianna Lopes

Posted on June 11, 2014 at 1:25 PM

Providence, RI - June 8, 2014 - Rosanna Ortiz Sinel and the StyleWeek team put on yet another hot event, StyleWeek Swim. The first season kicked off at the new and fashionable Providence G Terrace with guests that included local celebrities such as the Bravo TV Game of Crown’s cast and designers. The terrace itself was filled with accessory and beauty vendors that also hosted some familiar faces including Toni Lyn, Nick Pini, and Martha Jackson from Restored by Design.

To start the show was designer Amy Stetkiewicz with her Stetkiewicz swim collection. Nicole Pallozi was the first model to rock the rooftop in a gray and white whimsical floral print cover up. Underneath she wore a green two-piece triangle swimsuit with a bold gray/blue stitching. A gray sporty bralette swimsuit with black stitching was hidden under a silver crinkled crepe scoop neck cover up. For a more casual feel Stetkiewicz had a light blue stringed back halter top, which was paired with snakeskin shorts. And a soft yellow short was pieced together with a gray one-shoulder tie back shirt.

Artiss Akarra presented his optical and luxurious swim line Eight. We could clearly see a 1950’s theme from the high waisted swimsuits to the pinup styled hair. Model Ashlynne Faith wore a high waisted spring green swimsuit that showed off her curves. A colorful striped high waisted swimsuit with a matching belt was paired with circular lenses. The color trend in his line was definitely bright and lively with each of the girls sporting perky orange lipstick that pulled together the entire collection.

StyleWeek turned swim designer Jess Abernethy was the next to present her small but loud collection. A springy floral print short was paired with a bubbly pink quarter sleeved shirt. The same floral print was found throughout. We could find it on a jumper matched with a robin’s egg blue t-shirt, as well as a retro strap bikini top and solid black high waisted bottom. She then brought in an azure blue pinstripe fabric that could be found on a drawstring capri pant as well as a matching crop top tank and skirt. All of her models were found in the trendy plastic golf visor and energetic eyeshadow.

Closing out the show was StyleWeek designer Jonathan Joseph Peters with his swim collection. A black and white thin striped pencil skirt was paired with a dark blue halter bikini top. We later saw the same striped fabric on a high waisted short and sequenced green crop top. This look was also transformed into a male short swimsuit with the same green sequenced tank. The models looked fun and animated with large bold lashes and a crimped oversized top bun, thanks to the Tony and Guy team. A black and yellow lace blouse was worn as a cover up over a halter dark blue one piece. This collection was certainly the liveliest from the bunch.

Guests continued to sip and mingle on top of the G terrace after the show and later enjoyed themselves downstairs for the after party. This was unquestionably a great splash into the season and we look forward to seeing what these designers have to offer for the Spring 2014 StyleWeek show.

Fashion Meets Entertainment at the Corner of Change by Yosemite Riley

Posted on April 17, 2014 at 9:40 PM

Curry College has done it again! The Multicultural Student Union at Curry College ignited fire within the audience at their 7th Annual Big Bang The Invasion Fashion Show on April 12, 2014. The crowd went wild as trendy designers showcased their original pieces while sharing the runway with untamed raw talent from Massachusetts.

The Multicultural Student Union decided to go a different route for this year’s The Invasion fashion show. The show theme was “Runway meets Entertainment” with the help of sponsor, RegiJames Production. Fashion united with singers, dancers, and poetic lyrists to bring awareness to a cause that is bigger than fashion and entertainment combined.

“Bullying has become a disease around the world that harms both children and adults so we wanted to be a part of the efforts to help stop it,” stated Roxanne Emokpae, secretary of the Multicultural Student Union. This is the reason why the President of the Multicultural Student Union, AJ Stephens, chose bullying as a central theme throughout the show and a cause to bring awareness to. Boston Vs. Bullying, a non-profit organization from the TD Garden that combats bullying, and Jared’s Fund were the two charities that the Multicultural Student Union so willingly gave the fashion show’s proceeds to.

Touch the Sky Clothing, Urban Inspired, and Pretty Authentic People (P.A.P) Clothing were t-shirt clothing lines that added spunk, edge, and personality to their casual looks. The female models rocked these looks in basic jeans, black liquid legging and high-wasted skirts. The high heel stilettos gave them a sleek yet chic finish.

Zadone Fashion and Designs by Dri wowed the audience with their party dresses and unique patterns. Zadone Fashion also included crop tops and high-wasted pencil skirts. A few of her pieces included tribal/cultural patterns that mirrored zig-zags, ovals, slanted lines, dots, and shadows of unknown objects. Designs by Dri included fancy peplum dresses, form fitting jumpsuits, and splattered paint covering intimate areas.

Pavilion by Angie, second to last, adorned the runway with her jaw-dropping gowns. This vivacious clothing line included pulsating crop tops with tribal pattern high-wasted skirts, a gold mermaid-fitting gown, a classy black and gold jumpsuit, and a black and yellow halter gown. One model wore a black fitted pencil skirt with a gold and blue train elongated from the skirt glistening with embellishment. The audience was in pure astonishment.

Ending the show was the very dark and mysterious, yet sexy clothing line called Deviant Rebel. The color code included red, black, white, and a bright green. Female models wore form-fitting dresses that were backless or see-through on the sides displaying the full lengths of their legs from hips to ankles. Shorts, high wasted- skirts with bikini crop tops, and high-wasted black pants were also viewed on the female models.The male models wore cropped black pants and gray fitted sweat pants with either a black tank top, white and black open blazer, or shirtless. One male model wore a black open vest with a very large hood with thick black straps connecting from the hood to the side of the vest leaving the male model’s back bare. An unforgettable feature was the image of hands on Deviant Rebel’s clothing. One female model wore a black mesh see-through top that had white cloth sewed in the image of two hands on the chest part of the top. This feature covered the models female physical attributes. Deviant Rebel changed the entire atmosphere of the fashion show by bringing daring outfits with bold looks to the runway. They showed the audience that dark isn’t always scary but can be very seductive and stylish.

At the end of the show, the Multicultural Student Union executive board thanked everyone who was a part of the production and supported the production and charities. They donated $500 to Jared’s Fund, which will help find a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome. They donated over $1000 for Boston Vs. Bullying charity. Emokpae’s closing statement was “Some people did not understand just how deep bullying affected others, but they left the show touched and with a new understanding.”

Style It Up can attest to that! Fashion, entertainment, and doing good for others are always in style with us.

Fashion Fights Autism by Yosemite Riley

Posted on April 7, 2014 at 9:30 PM

“It’s okay to be different” was the theme of the third annual Infatuation Fashion Show presented by Refined Realities and G.O.O.D. Entertainment at the beautiful Lantana’s function hall in Randolph, MA.

To celebrate Autism Awareness month in April, CEO of Refined Realities, Tremeda Martin, decided that young children and fashion designers could do the job best. The models joyously strolled down the catwalk to Pharrell William’s song “Happy” they held signs with informational and encouraging messages on them such as “Love,” “Sometimes Mysterious,” “Accept,” and “Advocate” took the hearts of the audience.

Mz Diva Peacock and Reena’s Jewelry and Accessories started off the show with their unique female tanks and bold Caribbean inspired jewelry. Some of the models wore different color ribbed tanks and black leggings with high stilettos. On the ribbed tanks was a design of the silhouette of half of a woman wearing a hat with feathers poking out of it and peacock feathers stretching from her front and back view. While other models showcased the vibrant statement necklaces and funky and fun earrings to match.

Quality By Kee kid’s line followed the first dynamic duo by bringing kids to the stage in quirky yet cool patterns. Polka dots consumed the children as they sashayed down the catwalk in white t-shirts and either red or black silk pants. The red pants with big black polka dots gave a very lady-bug-like vibe to this scene, which added to the playful personalities of the children.

Imperishable Glamour showcased bow ties, combat boots and flowy skirts with suspender straps. These designs were very versatile. A casual orange jumpsuit paired with beige heels to black sequence shorts balanced with a fuchsia ¾ sleeve blazer showed the audience a day look and a night on the town look.

Elegant eveningwear was the theme for B Pretty Inc. One of the eye-catching outfits from the collection was an aqua blue, silk body-con, off the shoulder dress paired with nude platform pumps. This dress is perfect for a night on the town with friends or an intimate date night.

Closing the fashion filled night was Quality is Kee for a second time showcasing her junior and adult line. This line featured sexy eveningwear and Indian/African inspired ensembles for both women and men. The sexy eveningwear included a trio collection of black, olive green, and laces depicted in two dresses and a crop top and legging set. A gold studded couple modeled one of the Indian/African inspired ensembles. The female was draped in a gold sequence short dress with gold head jewelry and a gold shawl. Her male counterpart was dressed in a black and gold open vest with matching pants and a shiny gold waist belt paired with black combat boots.

Autism was the real reason many people supported the Infatuation Fashion Show. It is interesting to note that many of the women in the audience were mothers of autistic children. Host Hashim Lafond shared with me, “It was great to honor the mothers of kids who have autism.”

After thanking the designers, models, vendors, and the audience for their support Martin shared why supporting Autism is very special to her. She stated, “I was thinking of my little cousin. He was diagnosed with autism at a very young age and I just see how great of a person he is and I see the struggles my aunt goes through with him. Having a child that’s autistic or being autistic in general is hard at times but I want people to remember that it doesn’t mean you have to treat them differently.”

Donations were collected at the fashion show to present to the Boston Higashi School in Randolph, MA, which caters to children with various disabilities including autism. Martin encouraged that we should all help each other and support people with disabilities because one never knows what could happened to him or her in the future. In addition to that, helping and advocating for great causes shows that one person isn’t better than the other. Martin goes on to say, “When you hear of someone with a disability you automatically think of them as lower than you and I just want people to know that we’re all on the same level.”

Fashion inspires everyone differently. In this situation a rising disability inspired Martin to use fashion to bring awareness to autism. In doing so she not only brought attention to Autism Awareness month but she advocated for a belief that unified many under one roof. 

SIU Executive Producer/Host Althea Blackford makes US Trendy Boston's 50 Most Fashionable List

Posted on January 30, 2014 at 3:55 PM

Exciting news!

Our very own Executive Producer and Host Althea Blackford made it onto this year's US Trendy Boston's 50 Most Fashionable List. “It’s more about who has the most influence in their arena, and can represent Boston and make us proud,” Sam Sisahkti, Founder of US Trendy informed local Boston Metro newspaper.

I saw the article on Monday and saw the names they highlighted and thought oh I would not be on this list. I never got around to checking it that day when I saw the article. It was not until the next morning when I checked my cell phone and saw notifications on Instagram. There was a picture of the list that a friend posted and people congratualting me for making the list. You know I flew out of bed to get to my computer to see this correctly. Sure enough I am on the list. A pretty cool accomplishment. I am thankful and honored to be on the list. - Althea Blackford

Other notable fashionable people that made the list this year are Gisele Bundchen, Tom BradyMaria Menounos, Jay Calderin - founder of Boston Fashion Week, Joe Freeman - Owner of Dynasty Models Inc., Christina Pierce - Christina Pierce Fashion Agency, Jonathan Soroff - Improper Bostonian, Reaz Hoque- Synergy Events and Emily Benson - Fashion Truck.

Congrats to all who made the list!!

Here is the Boston Metro article that features the list:

You can find the list on US Trendy site:

StyleWeek Closing Night goes out in True Grand Style by Brianna Lopes

Posted on January 26, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Providence, Rhode Island - January 25, 2014 - It is all over, the art, the fashion, the weeklong cocktail affair; StyleWeek Northeast has wrapped up yet another successful season.

Nick Pini designer of Pini opened up the final night with once again drop dead gorgeous designs. Shimmering black, shining gold, and glistening silver was the color scheme found throughout his Fall/Winter’14 collection, and this season the Pini line chose to feature the legs. “This was the most authentic me collection,” Nick Pini told Style It Up. Nick’s choice of fabrics and cuts are what sets the Pini line above the rest. A black shift dress, had a gold embellished daringly low dropped back that that just screamed, “Wear Me.” “My inspiration this season was tropical storms, the 90s, and…the Spice Girls,” Pini laughed with us. The Spice Girl’s fierceness is what we got on the runway. Roman dropped waists with flounce and flow was the common garment found in this collection. My personal favorite design that I am going to rush to Flaunt Boutique to find was a lace sleeveless dress with feather skirting. Pini is a line that fashionista’s from all over come to see at StyleWeek and this season he certainly did not disappoint his fans.

The next to turn up the volume at StyleWeek was the self-taught designer David Chum with his Selahdor line. This Fall/Winter’14 collection seemed inspired by the television show American Horror Story:The Coven. The opening look that had the American Horror Story feel was a dropped waist long black shirt that had Tuxedo tails. This season a flowy relaxed fit was the style we found throughout. With his color scheme being bold it was nice to see a pop of color on a red fitted peplum dress. And to end the show David Chum walked the runway with a Selahdor bridal look like some of the most popular designers do at Fashion Week. The Selahdor line was a wonderful mix and tailor but this season undoubtedly rocked the runway.

The grand finale of StyleWeek season eight was the well-loved Jonathan Joseph Peters. With a nod to Edith Head, JJP had his models rocking some of the renowned stylist’s looks. “I was inspired by powerful female fashion icons, you know like Iris Apfel, and Diana Freeland,” Jonathan explained to us. The JJP line is definitely dramatic but brings back the feminine shape. The first model that looked similar to Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy strutted her stuff wearing a buffalo plaid printed long sleeved garment that had a thick banded cinched waist. The same print was turned into an evening outfit when it was placed over a tool skirt and paired with a sequenced and jeweled top. This season’s collection had a pop of fuschia and left the crowd with a standing ovation. “The Jonathan Joseph Peters girl, is humorous, intelligent, she understands fashion but definitely doesn’t take anything too seriously,” Jonathan told us.

And with that, that is all that StyleWeek Northeast Season Eight wrote. Thank you for following Style It Up as we covered this weeklong event. And make sure you continue following us as Style It Up bring you local fashion first.

A Very Colorful Day Six At StyleWeek by Brianna Lopes

Posted on January 25, 2014 at 2:50 PM

Providence, Rhode Island - January 24, 2014 It was another night of veterans at day 6 of StyleWeek.

Jillian Banta, the University of Rhode Island alum, started off as a participant for the StyleWeek’s student design SEED challenge and has now been presenting her collection at StyleWeek for three seasons. With her travels to other countries, Jillian’s inspiration for her line derives from some of the European’s culture. This season she takes the color of the year; Radiant Orchid, and puts it on her designs in literal form. “ I looked at the Victorian, Romantic time period for my inspiration, that’s why I have some puff sleeves, and a little bit of corseting,” she expressed to Style It Up. A teal, dupion silk, asymmetrical dress was paired with a quilted leather shawl and accessorized with an orchid colored butterfly broach. The same broach was found amongst 3D orchids on a leg-o-mutton sleeved, orchid colored coat. The Jillian Banta collection is for the feminine but edgy girl and is one of my personal favorite designers that presented this week.

From an edgy confident runway to an “I’m not looking back” confidence Robert Merton shares his story behind this season’s Alistair Archer Fall/Winter ’14 collection. This season is for the girls whose significant other betrayed them and is now looking to revive their inner beauty. “I was thinking about the character with my music and style. I was thinking about the women who found an unbelievable power in a moment,” Merton excitedly explained to us. This season Alistair Archer had a powerful 1960’s theme that was tied together with his personally designed Indian summer and icy blue prints. A vibrant silk trench coat was paired a Robert Merton patterned yellow and orange A-line quarter sleeved short dress. “I want the girl who puts on my clothes to think, I look good and what anyone else thinks is irrelevant,” Robert Merton said.

The final designer to present at day six was the charming Sarah Prost with her Yellow Clover Line. This fall/winter collection was titled The Pressed Fairy Collection from her inspiration from Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy book. “All of my inspiration was from the book. In the book they had a lot of watercolors and described the fairy’s hair to be everywhere so you can see that in my collection,” Sarah told Style It Up. A pleated warm gray Zanna skirt was paired with a simple Rosa blouse and a stunning printed silk chiffon Cottington pant was matched with a creamy blouse and accessorized by Shake The Tree Boston handmade jewelry.

Our day six designers once again stunned the audience with their collections. As we enter our final day of StyleWeek make sure to follow us on our social media websites as we bring you the designs right from the runway first.

Lace, Leather and Male Models for Day Five of StyleWeek by Brianna Lopes

Posted on January 24, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Providence, Rhode Island - January 23, 2014 Our day five designers truly know how to put on an art show for StyleWeek Northeast.

The night opened up with the ever so sweet Martha Jackson and her Restored by Design Fall/Winter’14 collection. Last season Martha’s jewelry made it down the runway with Susan Troy’s line but this season she is showing everyone that Restored by Design is more than just accessories. “I have a degree in goldsmithing and textiles so I have always made clothes but people only know of my shop from my jewelry. So this was to kind of show off to other people that I can do clothing as well,” Martha told Style It Up. Restored by Design’s motto is to experience the chic new life given to once-loved objects. For the clothing line Martha uses recycled fabrics, and old clothing to rework and then make her own. Her popular floral restored chunky necklace was paired with a gray floral shirt and an off white lace skirt. With this being a winter collection we could find a lot of layering and sweater material. Besides the runways show Restored Design will be showing and selling some of their designs during the rest of StyleWeek.

With radiant orchid being declared the color of the year of course Reginald “Reggie” Merome would be incorporating the color into his men’s line, Chevalièr Homme. The Spring/Summer’14 collection from Chevalièr Homme, last night showed a mix of radiant prints and vibrant solids. A Gotha-V03 print long sleeve shirt with organic cotton sateen was paired with hemp denim jeans. The Gotha-V03 print is for the fashion forward male who is willing to take risks, and it was certainly a print that could be seen throughout. The vivacious pattern was found on shorts, long sleeves and short sleeves shirts. These patterns were then paired with the radiant orchid color.

The final designer to close day five was the renowned visionist Samuel Vartan. His self named line this season showed off a hot and sexy 60’s theme, from the teased hair to the James Bond music. “I’m actually really hard on myself but this collection is really close to me. It was from my love of the city, my love of the 60s and 80s, my love for architecture, it was all me,” Samuel explained to Style It Up. The Samuel Vartan line is a very tastefully sexy collection. His cuts and fabric choices really amped up the sex appeal but left nothing too revealing. This large collection had several fitted sweater dresses that were shown in different colors. Leather and Lace has been a pair since Stevie Nicks and Samuel Vartan made sure to keep up the tradition. A white lace turtleneck, A-line dress had a chest cut out that had the front row in aw. “ Just wait for the Spring/Summer collection, it will explain everything,” Vartan excitedly told Style It Up.

Be sure to keep following your Style It Up on all of our social media pages as we take you inside StyleWeek Northeast.

Day Four Took Home The Crown for StyleWeek by Brianna Lopes

Posted on January 23, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Providence, Rhode Island - January 22, 2014 - Day four at StyleWeek Northeast was quite the party. SEED innovation meets education took over day three with a fan favorite Toni Lyn Spaziano and her Chances R Designs.

SEED innovation meets education is a non-profit extension of StyleWeek that directly works with northeastern colleges and universities to provide design students a chance to show off some of their work. The SEED design challenge took place last night and was nothing like I have ever seen. Twelve design students were given the Element Challenge (fire, water, air, and earth) and competed for the StyleWeek Title. Using only recycled materials all twelve of the designers were able to come up with very unique pieces. The winner of the night Gloria Im, from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, used the inspiration of air to take home the crown.

From one crown to another the next to shakeup the runway was Toni Lyn Spaziano of Chances R Designs. This season she paired up with the Toddlers and Tiara’s star Isabella Barrett, to create comfortable couture that is used in their new line Bound by The Crown. “We wanted it to be a very kid friendly couture line. The girls can wear it as a night out outfit, but then go to dinner after and be comfy as well,” Toni Lyn explained. The young models strutted down the runway to some of Isabella’s hit songs that can now be found on iTunes. Each one of the diva’s rocked OPTX Eyewear and was able to add their very own dance moves at the end of the runway. This chic line had everything from croc and feathered dresses to Chanelesque tweed jackets. “It’s so comfortable. This is the most comfortable clothes in the world,” Isabella shouted. Toni made sure that each one of the designs was kid friendly but still contained her edgy style. A black top that had a white leather and rhinestone skull on it was paired with a pink plaid skirt. My personal favorite of the night was a pink tweed rose buttoned jacket that had a matching tweed skirt. With the Bound by The Crown’s next stop NYC fashion week we can expect to see a lot more of the diva duo.

Day four was a rock show but now that we have jumped over hump day we prepare for day five. Keep following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see live looks and get the latest from the shows.

No Snow is Stopping This Fierce Show! Day 3 of Styleweek by Brianna Lopes

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Provdience, Rhode Island - January 21, 2014 - Snow or Shine the show must go on. And our day three designers for StyleWeek Northeast unquestionably put on a show.

Iryna Kavalanka, the petite Belarusian designer was the first to open up the night with the harmonious sound of a piano. “My inspiration is everywhere; music, art, everywhere” Kavalanka explained. Her first look to gracefully walk the runway was a gray plaid baggy harem pant that was paired with a striped princess sleeved button down. All of this season’s Iryna collection was accessorized with the extraordinarily detailed Anna Kavalanka jewelry. This mother and daughter pair undoubtedly know how to put together an art show. Some of the fan favorites were a fiery red silk trouser pant that matched a ruffled short-sleeved fitted blouse and a crotched winter white jacket. Iryna’s designs always have quaint colors and impeccable detail. So what can we expect next season from this designer, “My brain needs to sleep first,” she tells us.

The final designer of the night was proud new mama June Monteiro with her Fall/Winter Enamour collection. What I like about the Enamour line is that it is made for every female body type. Whether they are short, tall, slim, or curvacious every woman can rock an Enamour original. This season was blacked out and right up my alley! A fierce leather V-neck sleeveless crop top was paired with the stunning leather and black striped circle skirt. “I was inspired by the women from the Black Panther Party. They always wore black and leather so this would be the rework of their style but more modernized,” June explained. And a lot of hot leather is what we saw. A black pant that had leather detailing at the ankle was paired with a gray short waisted moto jacket. With this being Enamour’s first debut at StyleWeek and from the reaction of the crowd we can be sure that we will be seeing a lot more of this designer.

Day three hit like a storm but stay tuned as we enter Day four and the Seed Design challenge.