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StyleWeek's Second Night Gives Us Retro, Vintage and Classy by Alexis Smith

Posted on September 16, 2015 at 10:20 AM

Providence, RI - StyleWeek's second night show was filled with amazing designs with a lot of bold statement pieces. We started the night off with Mode Merr designs by Angela Zampell presented by Suite Tart. Angela Zampell designs had such a retro 50’s vibe. Zampell designs were well tailored with fitted pieces or more loose pieces. Her red pencil skirt made the whole outfit pop with a simple black top. She had a beautiful all black dress made of a lace layer on top of the solid black piece with a full skirt made the outfit look more playful. It was different from the fitted look and to top it off she had a black necklace made out of the lace on the dress. This showed how she utilized all her material to make a beautiful piece.  Zampell's models did a wonderful job evoking that playful and flirty look that helped play off the retro 50’s vibe. After the show I spoke to the designer of Moder Merr’s close friend Stacey about the collection. She gave great insight about Mode Merr stating that “the designs are made for any body type,” and as a customer you will “feel absolutely gorgeous in Mode Merr.”

Clothes Horse Clothing presented by Eden XO had a vintage look that went so well with the ballroom and all the lights.Clothes Horse Clothing incorporated a lot of beautiful lace in the designs. The styles in the collection varied from long to short. The collection was breath taking. The opening outfit was a long, high-waisted lace skirt with the cropped top that looked flawless. The statement necklace pulled the outfit together. There was the simple knee length dress with the long veil covering the entire back of the outfit. This look had a simplicity to it with a bold statement. At the end of the show I was able to catch up with model Angelly, who modeled in the Clothes Horse Clothing collection to get her opinion about the collection. She felt the collection was “a classic vintage look with a modern twist.” She loved the collection and that they evoked the personality of the designer. 

Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis had a wonderful collection filled with classy and polished looks. The designer did a great job evoking a high fashion look with her simple styles that made a huge statement on the runway. Her signature look of the open top of a hat gave the collection a classic and modest look. Her designs were a mixture of sleek and fitted items with less fitted items that helped diversify the collection. The outfit with the long skirt and charcoal blue top was simply beautiful. Her collection is very versatile. A few pieces are ideal for the corporate setting while others are great for a night out on the town.

Night after night the shows keep amazing us with all the beautiful collections. After the show, I spoke with some of the attendees about the entire show. Attendee Norda said “I loved it and it was fabulous with all the fierce collections.” Over all the second night of StyleWeek had a great turnout with amazing designers.



Styleweek has Begun with Lots of Style By Alexis Smith

Posted on September 15, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Providence, RI - The first night of StyleWeek was filled with so much excitement and anticipation. The new venue at the Providence G is beautiful. The crystal chandeliers that are located throughout the venue bring such a magical feeling in to the ballroom. The room had so much room to accommodate all the guest that came out last night for the first night of Styleweek.

The night started with the StyleWeek accessories show room next door. The vendors in the room had so much wonderful item to offer for guest to buy. At one table they had The Glam Cartel, started by Cleopatra. Cleopatra was inspired by John Michael, he had his own jewelry store in Providence and her mom worked for him. When she was younger she would go to work with her mom, while her older siblings went to school. While there, she would sit with John Michael and he would ask her what colors she liked for his next pieces. That is how she was first introduced into the industry.

For years she would work for other people but it was not satisfying for her because she felt she could be doing more with her talents. The moment that pushed her to go start her company, happened 4 years ago right before her father passed away, he had told her “you are gonna do it.” After that moment all she could think about was starting her own business. That moment before her dad passed away motivated her to start, The Glam Cartel, which is an LLC.

The Glam Cartel is a young company ready to take over the Providence scene. Her jewelry is named after friends and family or personal jokes with friends. For instance the necklace called the Diva is named after her friend who is into bright, bold and fun colors hence why the necklace consists of a bright pink and clear crystals that make it pop out. Cleopatra loves to make jewelry and breaking up pieces and incorporating them with new or old pieces, making them into unique pieces. Not only does she make jewelry she has done styling for weddings, and Miss. Rhode Island.

She wants to build and expand The Glam Cartel in Rhode Island because she “wants to prove to the younger generations they can start up from the bottom up,” and “make something of themselves here with hard work and dedication,” she wants to be a mentor for them, someone to look up to in the industry.

The festivities started with DeBrichhio’s collection, it consisted of fun and colorful pieces that popped out. In an interview the designer explained what inspired his collection. “Happy hour was inspired by my friends and I, but not just any happy hour.” “It’s the happy hour that leads to the greatest weekend ever.”

Next we had Chaz Aracil, Chaz Aracil’s collection was filled with dark colors with a pop of blue and green in certain pieces. The collection was unique, it consisted of different textures and 3D affects which made the collection pop out. The pieces were bold and extraordinary.

Lastly, to close the night, Samuel Vartan displayed his collection. His collection consisted of lite and fitted pieces. His dresses varied from long and fitted to short and playful. The collection was a great way to wrap up the summer, the pieces were fun and exciting with beautiful colors ranging from aqua blue to a summery green. It was a great way to finish the show. Overall StyleWeek is off to a great start and they have so much in store this week especially with their new venue.

Models Against Bullying by Alexis Smith

Posted on June 12, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Boston, MA - The Models Against Bullying campaign at the Emerald Lounge on June 10th was a success. Many people were at the event in support of the campaign. Crystal “Crissy” Ford-Leatham is a publicist and stylist as well as a fashion editor. As a publicist she has created strong relationships with stores and apparel companies to help build their public images. As well as create relationships between different businesses.

Crissy is the founder of Models against Bullying Campaign. She first started the campaign back in 2012. She has ran this campaign not only in the United States but all over the world, she has had this event in London, Paris, India and Japan. Crissy has worked very hard to help spread her message against bullying. What makes her campaign so unique and different is that she wants to help the bullied but she also wants to help the bullies as well. There is always an underlying reason why the bully is bullying others, whether it’s because they have issues at home or being bullied themselves. Crissy wants to help end this cycle.

This event hits close to home for her because Crissy was bullied throughout middle school and even as an adult, she feels she can help others get through this with her help. This event was not only to spread the word but also to help those in need. Crissy is raising money for benches so when anyone is being bullied they can go to one of the benches as a safe place and talk to someone.

Jessica Roman is Crissy’s colleague and friend, she is in charge of model management. She says this event gives the models a chance to “be happy and show younger generations they can be individuals too.” Most of the models are willing to work with the youth to overcome obstacles because just like the youth the models have overcome obstacles as well.

The event was about spreading awareness of bullying and helping the bullied and bullies, but it was also about being you and being an individual. One of the designers Sean Collin, is the designer and photographer of State fifty one. State fifty one stands for the fifty first state which is “a creative state of mind.” It all started when he used his own photographs and he put them on T-shirts. His label is all about being an individual, being creative and just being you. He mentions that “each model wears the shirts in their own way and style”

Overall this event was a success and Crissy continues to spread her message and help those in need. Dennis Rivera, a coordinator of the event, feels this event “is to encourage models” to help the youth. To show the youth “models don’t have to be beautiful” the conventional way, they can show their beauty through art and style. The models “are there to show how they overcame obstacles and represent a model citizen, despite what their peers may think.” This event was filled with so many unique people and it sends such a strong message out to everyone especially the youth.

Midori Summer of Style Event at Itadaki Boston by Amy Palmacci

Posted on June 11, 2015 at 2:15 PM

Celebrating #Summer of Style, Midori took over Itadaki on Newbury Street with an event that revealed why they are considered the ‘drink of choice’ for the summer. The light and refreshing cocktails paired nicely with the samples sushi courtesy of Itadaki Boston. In addition, guests were also treated to a candy bar with a wide array of sugary goodness; as well as custom nail art designs by Nina Park.

However, the night could not be complete without the chance to shop the latest fashions from Haute House Design Studios. Owner Taneshia Camillo-Sheffey, and Raina Jacques, Haute House staff member and M_ade_MoisellePR blogger, brought an assortment of edgy, trendy, and classic pieces that were hard to resist- even the Midori girls could not help but pick out some of their favorites.

As the ‘New Premier Online Upscale Fashion Retailer’, Haute House Design Studios is quickly being called “the Hottest new online boutique to hit the web”, providing fashionistas all-over-the-world with gorgeous, cutting-edge designs from both local and international designers each season. Check them out at and use code HHDS at checkout to receive 15% off an item of your choice.

Noir Fashion Week Boston Teases Audience with Sneak Preview by Yosemite Riley

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 1:55 PM

What a way to bring some heat to the cold Boston weather in March! Noir Fashion Week, held at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, excite guests with just their first show on Tuesday, March 18th. Founder and President of Noir Fashion Week, Stanley Desarmes, and his team create a fashion atmosphere where Winter is forgotten and Spring is on the horizon.

Miss Brazil Massachusetts USA 2014, Lisa Batista Viriato, hosts the first night’s Noir Fashion Week Walk United event. Viriato showcases her beauty and inspiring words in A Maven’s World gold and black, shimmer, form fitting dress. A Maven’s World is one of the Sponsors of Noir Fashion Week amongst Hint Water, Pyramid Sound Inc, Nuru-Guru, First Aid-Shot Therapy, and SAVVOR Restaurant and Lounge.

“You don’t have to be the skinniest person or the tallest person to be working in this industry. We have to include everyone because we come in all shapes and sizes, all different skin colors, and different cultures,” says Batista to the audience. Emerging designer, Corey Ortiz, opens the show with his black, white and red designs of geometrical shapes and patterns. This womans wear designer brings his own unique style on the runway by mixing stripes and circles on high-waisted shorts and skirts. Ortiz’s Finale piece brightens the runway with a red and white tube dress engulfed in wide stripes with a circular bust paired in nude pumps.

Norie Noun’s collection quickly catches the audience attention as her models strut down the runway in knit dresses with central cut-outs and knit roping draped around the shoulders, neckline and center of the body. Following Noun, The ready-to-wear business casual theme of Lloyd Hall surprises the crowd with a cotton candy blue, floor length, evening dress that glows in the dark.

With a ten minute intermission from the jaw-dropping fashion, guests shop in the Style Lab room where vendors display their best products to promote their businesses. Madison Ave Accessories, V-Lure, Distinct Element, KadoKélé, and Mary Kay are some of the vendors noted for the first night. Guests browse and shop in the Style Lab as they wait for the second half of the show.

Being the only mens wear designer for the night, Kelly Gustafson’s collection presents a gothic and grunge theme to the runway with dark smokey-eye makeup and brown and black combat boots. Designer Jasmine Chen brings us back to woman’s wear with a collection that screams Spring. Her pieces include a floral pattern shorts jumper, a red bell-skirt mini dress, and vintage inspired coats and dresses that favor the legs. Heading into evening wear, designer Stephanie Raymond, warms the runway with her sultry colors of red, gold, orange, and green. Raymond’s models grace the runway in two piece sets and a bubble-wrap material, purple skater dress.

Featured Designer, Earl Battle, closes out the first night of Noir Fashion Week Walk United Runway Show. Battle’s evening wear collection ranges in such versatility that they can be worn on a fashion red carpet, to a cocktail dinner, or even to a high school senior prom. The fit colors of black, white, and silver/gold metallic add to the maturity of the dresses while the black bondage cut-outs and fur-lined details give his fancy looks a more mysterious edge.

The Noir Fashion Week Boston team makes it a priority that their guests are informed of their mission and the overall reason for creating Noir Fashion Week. “Our Mission is to promote and support up and coming designers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers by providing a platform that will allow them to showcase their talents to the fashion industry…” - Noir Fashion Week Boston

At the end of the show, Stanley Desarmes, and the Vice President of Noir Fashion Week, James Mason, thanks everyone for their attendance and hopes to see everyone support them again in the fall of 2015. Desarmes warmly states to the audience, “I wanted it to be a community base. I wanted it to be about everyone and it took everyone to make Noir Fashion Week.”

Noir Fashion Week Boston March 2015 is only the beginning; a promotion leading to a full fledge fashion week in September 2015. This two-day teaser runway show exhibited extraordinary talent and distinct style with impeccable organization. How will Noir Fashion Week Boston measure up to this in September 2015? The only way to find out is to be there! Style It Up will see you for Noir Fashion Week Boston September 2015!

Fierce Style 7 Fashion Show Entertains and Shows off Amazing Fashions by Gia Ferraro

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Boston, MA - Many guests flocked to the Back Bay Expo Center to attend the 7th Annual Fierce Style Fashion Show this past Saturday evening. Upbeat music filled everyone’s ear as guests browsed local vendors such as Mary Kay and Vana Vain Vintage to name a few. Before the show began, guests enjoyed tasty snacks and beverages. This year, the show was bigger than ever! The show was hosted by Miss Massachusetts 2014 Lauren Kuhn and Tj Maxx was one of the big name sponsors. The show’s co-host Tony Hyppolites enlightened the audience by telling them that “Having Tj Maxx as a sponsor and to show off their looks is a huge deal for the Boston fashion industry. It’s showing people what Boston can bring to the table.”

The show kicked off with the House of Charles Newman and his Travels Collection. His collection was full of feminine, urban-feel pieces from skirts to loose dresses. Prints and oranges ran throughout his collection.  Designer Josefa DaSilva's collection was filled with many dresses with some spectacular, head-turning pieces such as a black, sheer, bottom ruffle dress and a stunning red evening gown lined with silver jewels running down the back and around the neck. The audience was engrossed by the third show by designer Casa De Angelina. This showcased different dresses each showing a different type of print ranging from a black and white, polka-dot top dress with a sequined, ruffle bottom to a blue, sequined top, tank dress with a black and white print bottom with a matching fur coat. The lining in the fur coat was identical to the skirt. Each piece in this collection differed from the kind of dress to the style of the dress.

After viewing the first half of the show, the guests enjoyed a brief intermission where they could mingle and network with one another. The host even entertained the audience with a salsa battle for prizes! The audience eagerly waited for the final shows of the night by A Noubeau and Tj Maxx styles by Vana Vain. The A Noubeau Collection showed off striking gowns in blacks and whites. People viewed in admiration at the gorgeous gowns that hit the runway. There were many memorable pieces in this collection. One was a stunning, white, deep v-neck, evening gown covered with a beaded top. Another was a beautiful, white and gold, strapless, sweetheart cut, baby doll gown. Lastly, TJ Maxx closed the event with their runway show, presenting key pieces such as fur coats and jackets to sweaters and scarves. Every look was styled so the Tj Maxx girl can looked trendy and hip this upcoming winter.

Overall, the event was a huge success with everyone leaving and chatting about the fantastic collections they just viewed at the Back Bay Expo Center! These pieces are surely going to be on many wish lists for the holiday season!

Boston Fashion Weeks Style Swap Event a Huge Success! by Gia Ferraro

Posted on October 9, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Boston, MA - One of the more hands-on events of this week was the Boston Fashion Weeks Style Swap event hosted by Trust in Tricia. This event featured a fashion show, mingling, and the biggest part of the event which was the swap. Guests crowded Julep Bar, in the financial district of Boston, eager to partake in the Style Swap.

The swap gave women a chance to trade clothing and accessories with people they don’t know. The Style Swap was a way for women to pick up different and stylish pieces by other women who attended the event. The swap took place downstairs in the lounge area where it was filled with racks. There was a variety of clothing, shoes, bags, and numerous accessory tables. Any woman regardless of their size or shape could easily find something! The women rushed to the downstairs area to choose the items they liked and if they didn’t like what they first chose they could put it back and trade it for another item. Tricia said what she hopes people get out of this event is, “Great new items to add to their wardrobe, a good experience, and to learn more about Project Hope and her business. This event is a great way to meet new people.”

Overall, the event was put together fabulously and was truly entertaining. It gave the everyday fashionista a different kind of shopping experience. Tricia says, “The best part of this event is meeting fabulous women and watching strangers get along with one another and help each other shop.”

Copley Catwalk Series Shows of Amazing Unique Pieces by Gia Ferraro

Posted on October 9, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Boston, MA-  Boston Fashion Week really hit the runway “running”. There were many guests congregating in the middle of Copley Plaza for Copley Catwalk Series featuring runway shows by L.K Bennett and Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Guests indulged themselves with drinks and snacks while upbeat music played in the background getting the eager crowed ready for the event. Small goodie bags were passed out to the guests complementary of Simon Mall as well.

During first show, L.K Bennett showed off pieces from chic every day wear to sophisticated nightwear. Models were made up with red lips and dramatic eye makeup, while their hair was styled in a bold Mohawk looking up do. Dark colors, bold prints, and furs made up the looks that walked the runway. Pieces such as coats and long dresses were shown off to the crowds which are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Prophet Beverly of the Art Intuition and part of the Copley Event Production Team spoke about L.K Bennett’s looks saying, “They speak to younger sophisticated women and show off a clean chic look.”

The second show of the night showed off pieces designed by students of the sophomore and junior level at the Mass College of Art and Design. Each look in this show was different from one another and had unique design touches to each of them. Many of the pieces were formal and extravagant. What makes this show different from L.K Bennett is that these students didn’t just use textiles in their work they used non-textiles as well. Some of the non-textile looks shown were a dress made completely out of silver cupcake tins, a bright orange evening gown with a neckline embellished with Doritos, and a two-piece skirt and cropped top made out of Capri Suns. Another look coming down the runway that got a round of applause was a formal, nude, ruffle, high-low skirt with a matching long-sleeve top that was covered with vibrant blue paper flowers. Every look that came down the runway was a true work of art.

The New England Institue of Art helped with this event as well. When asking Prophet Beverly about how the Institute goes about helping with the event he said, “His team is made up of constituent professionals who take on the job in a world wind and get it done.” Overall, the event was a huge success! The crowed left looking pleased and in awe of the amazing pieces.

Dress for Success, Powerful Women Empowering Women: A Night To Remember by Brianna Turgeon

Posted on October 8, 2014 at 3:10 PM

Boston, MA - “Dress for Success” fall fashion show held by Powerful Women Empowering Women was held last night, which featured the designs of Denise Hijjar with many powerful Bostonian women as models and guests. The event took place at the club Royale. There were models on pedestals showcasing student designs from the Boston School of Fashion Design prior to the show.  WCVB’s Heather Unruh, WHDH’s Janet Wu, Miss Massachusetts 2014 Caroline Lunny and many more powerful women were in attendance of this wonderful event. Hijjar's models were of all ages and sizes and her clothes portrayed a message of ease and confidence. Hijjar’s collection featured work wear for women as well as a few evening looks. Many of the models sported matching fur hats. Denise Hijjar had many guest models such as Yolanda Celluci, Linda Holliday, Vivienne Li, Charlotte Golar Richie, Simone Winston, Tiziana C. Dearing and Janet Wu. During one look Yolanda had her young grandson walk her down the runway. Between songs dancers from the Fred Astaire Dance Company would preform. All of Denise Hijjar’s clothes were available for purchase right off the runway and 15% of the money made went to “Dress for Success”. “Dress for Success” is an organization which helps women prepare for the workforce by building their confidence through wardrobe, creating resumes and helping them practice for interviews. This show definitely had a full house! The crowd was enthusiastic and supportive of this great cause. “Dress for Success” surely was a success!

Hair and Fashion Exploring the Runway Together by Yosemite Riley

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 12:05 AM

Randolph, MA - The Beauty and The Beat’s Hair and Fashion Entertainment Showcase kicked off Boston’s celebration of fashion in Boston Fashion Week Sunday, October 5, 2014. The hair and fashion showcase was held at Lantana Ballroom in Randolph, MA. Renee’s Destiny Productions organized their second annual hair and fashion show with the pleasure of being apart of Boston Fashion Week.


Guests were warmly welcomed to a large lobby filled with vendors and drinks and appetizers. The vendors included Intriguing hair, Keisha’s Pink Shoe Lounge, Delta Dana’s Origami Owl, and a few others. Guests were able to shop for hair extensions, graphic stilettos, trendy jewelry and stylish apparel.


It was a nice treat to be entertained by hostess Bianca Golden of season 9 America’s Next Top Model. She introduced the show with laughs and stories of her time spent on America’s Top Model. The tall beauty also engaged with the audience allowing a couple of little girls to help her host the show.

During a quick interview Bianca explained why she wanted to host The Beauty and The Beat hair and fashion show and why this specific fashion show was unique to her.

“This show stands out to me because its fun, its young, its hip and also it’s a black hair show in Boston — I didn’t even know those existed [laughs] so that’s why The Beaty and The Beats stands out for me.” — Bianca Goldman


To get the mood going Uptown Dance Center and Trend in Motion opened the show with a musical and dance production explaining what “The Beauty and The Beats” is all about. Other performances through out the night included soulful singing from LaQuandra Seymour and conscience spoken lyric by Laroy Streat and his live band.


Zena’s Hair Salon was the first scene to grace the runway with her vintage looks from the 50s and 60s. The female models sweetly swayed in white short cocktail dresses with black silk gloves and pearl necklaces as their male counterpart sung a long to a 1960s track. Hair styles included precise finger waves, a high bun up-do, and a side mohawk with red corkscrew curls.


The Biz Barbershop represented for the men as their male models graciously strolled down the runway showcasing their creative hair designs and freshly groomed hair lines and faces. The models wore colorful blazers, bow ties, matching suspenders, and waist belts to help enhance their formal looks.

Hair Station Salon, Devine Creations, and Professional Image wowed the audience with their fun and bright colored hair extensions, dynamic braid sets, funky afros, long tresses, sleek bobs, and spiky mohawks. Hair Station Salon models danced down the runway with 80s theme wear in distressed white t-shirts, colorful suspenders, and high waisted jeans. Devine Creations dressed their models in all black party dresses with black pumps guaranteeing a more mature and sexy look. Professional Image soldiers saluted audience members in camouflage get-up with red and gold studded heels and red and black plaid button up shirts tied around the waist.

Changing from hair to apparel Dress 2 the 9ines showed the audience a ready-to-wear look for women which included tote bags, a suede bucket had, kimono, and poncho. Models displayed transitioning looks from summer to fall in a romper jumpsuit with vest and open toe heels, a motorcycle jacket paired with bootie heels and leg warmers, and a beautiful white maxi dress with the matching white pea coat for that last warm day of summer.

Turning heads of everyone was Rufus of RHDIV Designs took the runway by storm in his all black fashion forward collection. Models strutted down the catwalk in garments created with real leather and human hair. One garment was a knee length dress completely made up of flowing black hair that covered the dress in different levels causing the hair to move as the model moved in it.


Another piece of his was a short black leather dress with a sweetheart neckline connected to a mesh covering of the chest and shoulders. The dress also had arm length sleeves made of human hair with a 3/4 split of the inner sides up the arm. The audience reaction proved that RHDIV creations are one of a kind.

It takes a lot of hard work to coordinate an event, but to organize a hair and fashion show takes twice as much patience, creativity, and compromise. After the hair was swung and the fashion was revealed CEO and founder of Renee’s Destiny Productions who created The Beauty and The Beats Hair and Fashion Entertainment Showcase, Renee B. Ware, shared some insight with us after the show.


She was extremely excited and relieved that the show went well and hopes there is a bright future for The Beauty and The Beats hair and fashion show in many fashion weeks to come. Renee also expressed her excitement for being apart of Boston Fashion Week for the first time.

“It feels wonderful to be apart of Boston Fashion Week. We had so many volunteers emailing us asking us to be apart of the show and it was amazing. I would definitely do it again, and again, and again.”

Style It Up will be right there for future The Beauty and The Beats shows catching all of the latest and emerging fashion again, and again, and again.