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Dress for Success, Powerful Women Empowering Women: A Night To Remember by Brianna Turgeon

Posted on October 8, 2014 at 3:10 PM

Boston, MA - “Dress for Success” fall fashion show held by Powerful Women Empowering Women was held last night, which featured the designs of Denise Hijjar with many powerful Bostonian women as models and guests. The event took place at the club Royale. There were models on pedestals showcasing student designs from the Boston School of Fashion Design prior to the show.  WCVB’s Heather Unruh, WHDH’s Janet Wu, Miss Massachusetts 2014 Caroline Lunny and many more powerful women were in attendance of this wonderful event. Hijjar's models were of all ages and sizes and her clothes portrayed a message of ease and confidence. Hijjar’s collection featured work wear for women as well as a few evening looks. Many of the models sported matching fur hats. Denise Hijjar had many guest models such as Yolanda Celluci, Linda Holliday, Vivienne Li, Charlotte Golar Richie, Simone Winston, Tiziana C. Dearing and Janet Wu. During one look Yolanda had her young grandson walk her down the runway. Between songs dancers from the Fred Astaire Dance Company would preform. All of Denise Hijjar’s clothes were available for purchase right off the runway and 15% of the money made went to “Dress for Success”. “Dress for Success” is an organization which helps women prepare for the workforce by building their confidence through wardrobe, creating resumes and helping them practice for interviews. This show definitely had a full house! The crowd was enthusiastic and supportive of this great cause. “Dress for Success” surely was a success!

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