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Boston Fashion Weeks Style Swap Event a Huge Success! by Gia Ferraro

Posted on October 9, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Boston, MA - One of the more hands-on events of this week was the Boston Fashion Weeks Style Swap event hosted by Trust in Tricia. This event featured a fashion show, mingling, and the biggest part of the event which was the swap. Guests crowded Julep Bar, in the financial district of Boston, eager to partake in the Style Swap.

The swap gave women a chance to trade clothing and accessories with people they don’t know. The Style Swap was a way for women to pick up different and stylish pieces by other women who attended the event. The swap took place downstairs in the lounge area where it was filled with racks. There was a variety of clothing, shoes, bags, and numerous accessory tables. Any woman regardless of their size or shape could easily find something! The women rushed to the downstairs area to choose the items they liked and if they didn’t like what they first chose they could put it back and trade it for another item. Tricia said what she hopes people get out of this event is, “Great new items to add to their wardrobe, a good experience, and to learn more about Project Hope and her business. This event is a great way to meet new people.”

Overall, the event was put together fabulously and was truly entertaining. It gave the everyday fashionista a different kind of shopping experience. Tricia says, “The best part of this event is meeting fabulous women and watching strangers get along with one another and help each other shop.”

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