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Day Four of StyleWeek Was A Night of Inspiration by Alexis Smith

Posted on September 18, 2015 at 11:15 AM

Providence, RI - Thursday night was filled with a lot of inspiration and imagination. The designers had really cool inspirations that helped to bring their collections to life.

Chikkē by Angelica Timas had beautiful pieces for her collection. Her dresses were beautiful especially the red dress that was fitted from the waist down and draped at the top with the huge statement necklace as part of the halter top. The whole idea was creative and it made the outfit pop more. It was a great pairing. The eye shadow designs on the models was very unique and different. The models not only had eye shadow on but it was designed like geometric shapes in red, blue and a few pastels with black out lining each shape. It was a bold statement that made the model’s eyes pop out.

Yellow Clover by Sarah Prost's inspiration was inspired by the Ama Women of Japan. The collection was beautiful with floral prints and the cut of the garments. The parasols went along with the outfits so well because of the beautiful prints and colors. Alison Rugg, a fashion student, said, “I loved Yellow Clover’s Asian inspiration. She always has unique ideas and inspirations.” Yellow Clover’s designs were amazing especially the sequined cream pants. The sequins looked like scales and reflected differently in the light, it is reminiscent of a mermaid. The whole collection was very inspirational.

Carissa Lynne Designs had a Greek style with a funky playful take. A lot of people had different takes on her collection such as fashion student Chantal Vieira said, “The hair was teased beautifully with Grecian style clothing,” with a twist. The fish tail in the front gave it a different look because we are so used to seeing a fishtail in the back and not pinned in the front of the head. What stood out the most was that her models were not wearing any heels. Everyone wore gold flats. When asked why she chose gold flats Carissa said, “I wanted like a Boho Greek style.” “The heels would have taken away from that look.” The colors Carissa used in her designs were bold especially when she paired the gold with the turquoise and fuchsia colors. Hair Visionary Artist William Bento, said he “loved the whole thing, I was impressed with the hair, it went so well with the outfits. The Mediterranean look with the light and airy hairstyles.” Overall a lot of people loved Carissa Lynne Designs’ collection. Caroline Silva, the Executive Assistant to the CEO for StyleWeek, “loved Carissa’s fabric. It was very feminine.”

A lot of first time attendees to the new venue such as fashion student Alison Rugg said “Providence G did a fantastic job embracing StyleWeek.” It is surprising how a lot of people go to StyleWeek to look at the amazing collections but others go for inspiration and to see what is locally trending. For William Bento, a Hair Visionary Artists, coming to StyleWeek is to see how the designer pieces the “textures, style, and color together... It all inspires me to be more creative. Each piece reflects something different for me and I show it through my different hairstyles.” StyleWeek has a lot of influence on people and it is amazing how far StyleWeek has come.

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