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A Night of Fierce and Bold Designs at StyleWeek Night Four By Alexis Smith

Posted on February 27, 2016 at 12:55 PM

Providence, RI - On the fourth night of Styleweek, there was a mix of designs from edgy and punk to sexy and bold. The event was a full house with many great designs that had everyone in awe.

The night started with La Fille Colette, their line had an array of dresses in different colors and lengths. What stuck out the most was the patterned dresses in the collection, they were different from the other dresses with the multi-color print of aqua and a plum shade. This prints went well mixed in with her collection of black and white dresses. Not only did the models do a great job but the dramatized color eyelashes accessorized well with the designs and her line.

Angelica Timas’ line last night was edgy and fierce as her models were working it down the runway with bold eye shadow. In her collection, she had an array of dresses and two piece designs. Most of the collection was made up of darker tones with a few pops of color mixed in. The pieces that caught some people’s attention was the textured leather. Julie Tremaine, an attendee from the show said she “loved the textured leather look, I thought it was beautiful.” Angelica Timas did a wonderful job with the tailoring of her designs especially the matching skinny pant suite.

The second half of the show started with Alexandra Nam, she is known for her work in the New York area. Her debut last night was amazing, her pieces were detailed but simple at the same time, and the lines and structure of her pieces were beautiful. The draping on the long dress were exquisite. The detail and time that must have went in to have the dress fall so nicely must have taken a lot of time. The piece that caught a lot of people’s attention was the navy blue design with the tall geometric pieces popping out. It was different than most of her pieces but it went with it because of the silhouette it created. Her whole collection tied altogether with the clean and cut look that was expressed throughout.

For the finale was PINI by Nick Pini, his collection was fun and glittery. The models pulled off a mod look with their makeup with a fun and loving 70’s vibe hair styles. The designs were breath taking.  The fur accessory on the shoes added to the fun and sexy vibe the collection had. The leather and sequin pieces in the collection made the collection pop while he mixed in more simple pieces that focused more on the cut of the dress. Nick Pini’s collection was a fun way to end the night with his fun vibe looks and get up and dance music. Jem Lawren from Culture of the Venus blog said the “last designer’s line was awesome. It was sexy and edgy.” Overall the designers last night had different styles and designs to present. They all did a beautiful job and deserve a job well done on their lovely collections.

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