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                  STYLE IT UP AWARDS


Style It Up Awards

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Here are our Previous Winners


Designer of the Year - Black Pearl Creations by Joede Brown


Designer of the Year - Sparklle T by Sparklle Thames


Designer of the Year - Cyrahn by Cyrahn Harvey


                                             Best Accessories - Perpetual Hayfron for Perpetual Anastasia 

Best Cocktail Dress Collection - Solome Katongole  

Best Evening Wear Collection -Avari Thomas for Marya 

Breakout Designer - Zack Allen

 Most Video Hits & Designer of the Year - Prajje Jean-Baptise for Prajje 1983


Best Accessories Designer - Tina Lang Creations by Tina Lang

Best Swimwear Designer - Maria Del Carmen Mercado

Best Ready-to-Wear Designer - Maria Victoria by Victoria Dominguez Bagu

Best Evening Wear Designer - Luke Aaron

Cutting Edge Designer - DH Studios, Inc. by Daniel Hernandez

Breakout Designer - Tatiana Cueva

Most Video Hits - Tru Fiction by Mark Cordell

Designer of the Year - Mendoza by Sam Mendoza


Best Accessories Designer - The Kitchen Sink Bag by Helena Thorne Marrin Grant

Best Ready-to-Wear Designer - Chances R Designs by Toni Lyn Spaziano

Best Evening Wear Designer - Julie Kontos

Cutting Edge Designer - T* Racy by Tracy Belben

Breakout Designer - Tatiana Tejedor

Best Runway Presentation - Jonathan Joseph Peters

Most Video Hits - La Bella Moda by Antoinette Piesche

Designer of the Year - DH Studios Inc. by Daniel Hernandez


How are the nominees selected?

Our SIU staff comes together towards the end of the year and reviews all of the footage SIU has captured since the beginning of the year. We go through each of videos and find similar collections that can compete. Our voting process is conducted by an online survey. The people voice their opinion through their votes which determine the winners. This is 100% the people who vote telling us who should win. The SIU staff does not influence the voting process. We run the our survey for two weeks. Once we close the survey, we review the polls and announce the winner at our final studio taping of the year. The award show airs in January.